Lauren Bueno, PTA


My Beginnings

Growing up playing sports, I found myself fascinated with how intricate the human body is and saw its ability to heal itself following injuries endured by many teammates. Learning I could assist in promoting this process for others through physical therapy was a dream come true. I first began my experience in the physical therapy field by working as a physical therapy technician. I was able to work with a group of experienced professionals who took the time to introduce me to the world of physical therapy. I instantly fell in love with the field and knew I wanted a career in physical therapy.

Team Approach

As a physical therapist assistant, I work with numerous patients and numerous therapists to make sure I am familiar with each patient I treat. I am able to look at each patient and help the therapist evolve treatment plans as each patient is progressed through their plan of care. Good communication is the key to making this team approach work. I am blessed to be a part of the Momentum Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab family, where we strive to keep up with the latest research and advancements in the field in order to provide the best quality care to those in our community.

Spreading Our Knowledge

Every day is a new learning experience. I am constantly searching for opportunities to expand my knowledge and to ensure I am giving the best care possible. Since education is so significant in my life, I feel as though it is equally important to share my knowledge with the patients I treat. It is imperative to have the patient involved in their journey to recovery and I feel patient education is paramount. Having each patient fully understand their condition and the reasoning behind their individualized treatment plan are vital in achieving an enhanced outcome.


  • Licensure in Physical Therapy: Texas State Board of Physical Therapy Examiners
  • PTA: Physical Therapist Assistant Program, St. Philip’s College, San Antonio, TX
  • BS: Bachelor of Science, Kinesiology, University of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio, TX

Quote: “Having each patient fully understand their condition, and the reasoning behind their individualized treatment plan, is vital in achieving an enhanced outcome.”

Momentum- Lauren Bueno