Kara Goode, PT

kara goode

Early Inspiration

My introduction to the physical therapy profession began at the age of 12. I stayed with my grandmother over the summer and was able to assist with her rehabilitation as she was recovering from knee surgery. I found it to be fascinating! The best part of it all was to see her return back to presurgical activities and know that I had a small part in the process. I knew at the time that I could find no better calling in life than to help others get back to their lives after an injury.

Licensure in Physical Therapy: Texas Sate Board of Physical Therapy Examiners
MPT: Master of Physical Therapy, University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio, TX.
BS: Bachelor of Science, Health Care Sciences, University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio, TX

Education Is Key

My favorite part of physical therapy school as my third year when I had the opportunity to be a teaching assistant for the Anatomy Lab class. I enjoyed being able to share my knowledge to assist others in improving their understanding of this area. The love of teaching continued through my career when I was a clinical instructor for my physical therapy students. Every day, teaching is still a major role of my job. It is necessary to educate and empower each patient on how to manage their specific injury or pain in order to relieve their symptoms and return to their normal activities. Education is the key to prevention and I work every day to ensure to empower my patients with this type of knowledge.

Serving My Commmunity

The physical therapy profession is a loving, giving and serving profession in itself. However, I believe it is valuable to give of oneself in all different aspects of life. I enjoy being able to participate in various events to raise money for breast cancer research, adoptive families and Alzheimer’s research to name a few. Also, I have served the community through various church outreach activities and internally through youth and children’s activities. In 2014, I started a local high school scholarship in memory of my grandmother that would help support young women who are seeking careers in medical professions. There is always a way to give back in some big or small way to meet the needs of others and encourage them to reach for something higher.