Diane Casey, PT

My path to becoming a PT

When I was 14, my mother introduced me to the idea of being a Physical Therapist. I was given the opportunity to be a Candy Striper at a nearby hospital to follow and observe Physical Therapists to see what the profession was like. A few years later, I served an 18 month mission for my church and had the opportunity to help a woman perform physical therapy for her child and I loved it! This experience made it certain to me that I wanted to be a Physical Therapist and, even now, I can’t imagine being anything else.
LICENSURE IN PHYSICAL THERAPY: Texas State Board of Physical

Therapy Examiners

BS: Bachelor of Science, Health Education, Pre-Physical Therapy, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT
MPT: Texas Woman’s University, Houston, TX
MEMBER: American Physical Therapy Association, Texas Physical Therapy Association


I love the various practice settings a Physical Therapist can practice in and I had a difficult time selecting a specific area to specialize. My first love was acute care in the hospital setting, but serving the needs of patients in an outpatient setting quickly grabbed my attention and I absolutely love it. I am now focused on honing my skills in the outpatient setting and look forward to obtaining my transitional DPT to better serve my patients with the most current knowledge and skills based on evidence-based practice. I love to share my knowledge and feel the key to success for my patients is to educate them and empower them to continue to help themselves when they have completed their physical therapy.

Serving the community

I am active in my church and an active member of my community. I have been blessed to have a career which enables me to meet my personal and professional needs and also allows me to help others who may need my help, not just in the clinic, but in other ways. I feel it is my responsibility to help others in the community. I frequently donate to those in need through my church, but also when I see people on the street. I also serve food in homeless shelters whenever possible. I do those things because I know everyone has a different story, a different path, and I am hopeful that a donation can help those good people get back on their feet again.