Neck Pain Relief in San Antonio

Neck Pain Relief in San Antonio

Need Neck Pain Relief in San Antonio?

We are here to help. If you’re suffering from neck pain symptoms, you’re part of the 10-15% of sufferers in our population. While not life-threatening, the pain and limitations that come with neck pain are no small issues. Our San Antonio and surrounding clinics can help with neck pain by restoring activity, strength and motion to your neck so you can have your life back.

Common Neck Pain Causes

Poor posture is a common cause of neck pain, in particular for those who work in front of a computer.The wear and tear caused by arthritis also is a common culprit. On the rare occasion, neck pain can be the symptom of a more serious issue. If you are experiencing stabbing or shooting pain, muscle ache, or stiff neck, it may be time to listen to your body and see a physical therapist.

Activities That Cause Neck Pain

  • Holding your head in the same position for an extended period of time while working, watching TV, reading, or talking on the phone.
  • Sleeping on a pillow with insufficient support or that is too high or flat. Sleeping with your back bent also can cause issues.
  • Resting your head on your fist or arm for long periods of time.
  • Physical work or exercise that uses upper body and arms.

Your Neck Pain Diagnosis

To diagnose what is causing your neck pain, we take a full evaluation to better understand your pain. Whether it’s a sudden trauma or a nagging pain over time, we will zero in on which positions are better or worse to assess what’s worsening your pain.

Neck Pain Treatment

After our evaluation, we create a customized treatment program. Our neck pain treatment includes hands-on manual therapy and neck pain exercises. In addition, we may use electrical stimulation, heat, ice, or ultrasound. You may receive one or a combination of our treatment methods, depending on your individual needs.