Malaeni Ramos


Where It Started
Growing up, I always expressed interest in the medical profession. Starting in 2 nd grade, I
even dressed up as a doctor for Halloween for five years straight. With my background of
participating in sports throughout my life, I knew how much mobility and fitness can influence
a healthy lifestyle and prevent injuries. It wasn’t until end of high school/ beginning of college
when I learned about the physical therapy profession, and I immediately knew that was my
path. I had great educators and mentors throughout school who helped me find and pursue
my passion. The support I had throughout my life is the reason I am where I am today and is
truly my motivation to treat my patients with respect and humility. I have always known I
wanted to help others, and with physical therapy I see how my knowledge can help others
through movement.

Dedication to continued learning
Throughout PT school and even now, my motto has been “Never stop learning. Once you
stop actively learning you stop loving what you are doing”. It may be my motto because my
mother was an educator for 35 + years or watching my parents work so hard for my siblings
and I to have a good life, but I don’t want to ever stop learning when it comes to physical
therapy. Whether it means seeking new certifications to better serve my patients or pursuing
higher management positions in the future, I couldn’t be more excited to be in the place I am
and cannot wait to better serve my community. In PT school we learn there are tons of
opportunities through this profession including neurological certifications, sport specific and
manual therapy specializations, and I intend to seek out those certifications and/or
specializations for further learning advantages.

Continuing to Serve
With the various outreach opportunities in San Antonio, I have and plan to provide my
knowledge and services to various organizations. Some examples of places I have worked
with are Kinetic Kids of San Antonio, Warm Springs Connect+Ability, SAM ministries, and the
San Antonio Food Bank. Stewardship has been a core value of mine since I was a child,
instilled through my religion and all throughout school. Within the Momentum community, this
value of giving back has allowed for continued opportunities to offer my services for the San
Antonio area.


Licensure in Physical Therapy: Texas State Board of Physical Therapy Examiners
DPT: Doctor of Physical Therapy, University of The Incarnate Word, San Antonio, Texas
BS: Bachelor of Exercise Physiology, Midwestern State University, Wichita Falls, Texas
MEMBER: American Physical Therapy Association, Texas Physical Therapy Association,
ACSM-EP/c member, American Society of Exercise Physiology Journal of Exercise
Physiologists Author