momentum physical therapy team member
"Using the most advanced techniques available in our field, I want each person to reach his or her goals as quickly and efficiently as possible."

Joan Millwater



After working several years in a variety of settings as an occupational therapist, I became interested in learning the specialty of hand therapy. When I moved to San Antonio in 1990, I learned all I could through the guidance of several hand surgeons and some respected, excellent hand therapists. I continued to work hard in focusing on the hand and became a Certified Hand Therapists (CHT) in 1992. The hand and arm is a complex, fascinating, and vital component to each person’s function. If not working correctly, the hand and arm can severely hinder a person’s level of function. My goal as a CHT is to help my patients return to their optimum level of function.


I have been an Occupational Therapist for 32 years and have clinical experience in a variety of settings including: acute hospital care, home health, special needs children, and hand/upper extremity rehabilitation in the outpatient setting. I have coordinated an office for persons with disabilities in the state of Hawaii and have also served the Texas State Chapter of the American Society of Hand Therapists as Education Coordinator and Vice President. I have delivered presentations covering various topics relating to the upper extremity which include: cumulative trauma disorders, on-site therapy treatment in an office setting, completing functional capacity evaluations, treatments for complex regional pain syndrome, building hand splint, post-op care after hand replantation surgeries, and treatment to improve sensibility in the hand.


San Antonio is a wonderful city and I have enjoyed participating in many community based activities since moving here. I have participated in health fairs, mentored students and spoken to fellowship trained therapists and fellowship trained hand surgeons. I have also participated in journal clubs and continuing education courses in order to maintain a current knowledge base in the latest research regarding surgery and rehabilitative therapy techniques. My life has been enriched by each of the patients I have had the pleasure to work with.


Licensure in Occupational Therapy: Texas State Board of Occupational Therapy Examiners
BS: Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS
CHT: Certified Hand Therapist
MEMBER: American Society of Hand Therapists, Texas Chapter of the American Society of Hand Therapists