team member Anissa Valerio

Anissa Valerio


I provide my patients the type of care I would want my family members to receive.


I was first introduced to the profession of physical therapy in grade school when an aging relative was hospitalized and then received physical therapy and recovered well enough to return home. My relative regained her ability to walk and her recovery made me gain interest in the profession. I volunteered at a local physical therapy clinic near my high school and shadowed several really great therapists that implemented hands on care to maximize their patient’s recovery. The patients recovered so well and I knew this was something I wanted to be involved in, helping people recover and return to what they enjoy doing.


I began my physical therapy profession immediately after high school with physical therapist assistant school. I enjoyed the profession, helping others, and learning so much that I went on to pursue my doctorate in physical therapy. While in PT school, I spent time with Army-Baylor University Physical Therapy School gaining experience in hands-on research, testing and collecting objective measures for studies related to low back pain prevention. I have enjoyed expanding my knowledge through the years and have pursued various settings and skills to increase the tools I have to help my patients achieve their goals. I enjoy and embrace expanding my knowledge and am committed to a lifetime of learning.


During the early phase of COVID, like so many, my profession experienced much change, change in how therapists were able to treat patients. My patients were also experiencing change and navigating their new work-from-home environments. I wanted to continue to help my patients work pain free in their new work settings, the home office, so I took the opportunity to become certified in ergonomic assessment with a specialty in advanced office ergonomic assessment.

I continue to use all the knowledge I have acquired through the years to help my patients achieve their goals in the office, at home, on the field, or on the weekends.


Licensure in Physical Therapy: Texas State Board of Physical Therapy Examiners
DPT: Doctorate of Physical Therapy, University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio, TX
BS: Bachelor of Science, Health Care Sciences, University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio, TX
Fellowship: Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists – The Manual Therapy Institute
Certifications: Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist I and Advanced Office Ergonomic Assessment Specialist – The Back School, Dry Needling Level 1 – Institute for Athlete Regeneration